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Fax: (707) 465-4405
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377 J Street
Crescent City,

Monday - Thursday
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Water and Sewer

The Crescent City Water Department provides water and sewer services to nearly 4,500 customers.

** The City has applied for grant funding **

December 27, 2023: The City has applied for grant funding from the State Water Board. This funding is for unpaid water and sewer bills for services received during the COVID-19 pandemic between June 16, 3021 and December 31, 2022. The State is providing these funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

  • You do not need to apply for this funding. The City has applied for this grant and will allocate funds directly to customer accounts that are eligible.

  • Once the State has reviewed our application and sent us the grant funds, we will apply the funds to accounts that have eligible past-due balances. We do not know yet when this will happen.

  • If your account receives grant funding, we will let you know how much you received and how much (if any) you still owe.

  • If you receive grant funding but not enough to fully pay off your past due balance, you will be offered a payment plan for the remaining amount.

  • If you have past due water or sewer bills, there may be other grant funding available to help you. One program is the Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP). You can contact the Del Norte Senior Center at 707-464-3069 about this program – you do not need to be a senior to qualify.

To apply for or change water/sewer service:

Please come to the Water Department to complete an application. A deposit is required on all new accounts. If you have an established good payment history with the Water Dept. that requirement may be waived. You will need to bring a photo ID. If you rent, you will need to bring a copy of your rental agreement.

How to pay your water/sewer bill:

Pay Online:  Pay Your Bill Online

Payment Dropbox: located to the right of the Water Dept. entrance.
By Mail
: Crescent City Water Dept. 377 J St. Crescent City, CA 95531
In Person:
 during office hours, at the Water Dept. counter at City Hall
By Phone:
 call 800-287-6266

If your account is past due:

If your account is not paid by the due date, a late fee will automatically be added to your account. If your account is 61 or more days past due, your water service will be disconnected for nonpayment. To avoid being disconnected for nonpayment, you must resolve the delinquent balance prior to the shutoff date listed on your shutoff warning. For residential water service, your options include: (1) pay the delinquent amount or (2) enter a payment plant. Payment plans are not available for commercial water service.

You can request a payment plan for your residential water service (come to the office or call us). After we receive your request, we will review and let you know if you qualify for a plan. The customer named on the account must sign the payment plan. If you enter into a payment plan, make sure you review and understand the terms of the agreement. If you fail to meet the terms of the payment plan, your account will be disconnected and service cannot be restored until you pay the past due amount in full.

If you believe there is an error on your bill:

Request to Dispute Water Bill

Request to Appeal Decision on Disputed Water Bill

If you would like to have another person notified if your account becomes delinquent:

Request to Have Third Party Notified of Delinquent Water Bill

Residential Water Service Discontinuation Policy:

Crescent City Residential Water Service Discontinuation Policy – English

크레센트시 주거용 수도 공급 중단 정책

Dịch vụ cấp nước cho cư dân Crescent Chính sách ngừng dịch vụ


Patakaran sa Pagpapatigil sa Pantirahang Serbisyo ng Tubig sa Lungsod ng Crescent

Política de suspensión del servicio residencial de agua de Crescent City

Crescent City Thaj Dej Discontinuation Txoj cai

Number of residential water accounts disconnected for nonpayment:

In 2023: 407

In 2022: 0

In 2021: 0

In 2020: 73



2020 UWMP Figures and Appendices