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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the availability of the draft 6th Cycle (2022-2030) Crescent City Housing Element. This update of the Housing Element will constitute an amendment of the City’s General Plan. Pursuant to Government Code 65352, referral of the proposed action is for a minimum 30-day review and comment period. The public comment period will run from November 14th, 2022 through December 16th, 2022. Staff will review comments received in the 30-day public comment period and respond within 10 days after the comment period closes. The draft Housing Element document may be viewed on the City’s website: It will also be available at City Hall, 377 J Street, Crescent City.

The Housing Element is one of seven state-mandated elements of the City’s General Plan. It contains the goals and policies the City of Crescent City intends to implement to address several important housing related issues, as well as programs to achieve those goals. State Housing Element law (Government Code Section 65580 et seq) requires:

• An analysis of population and employment trends;

• An analysis of the City’s fair share of the regional housing needs;

• An analysis of household characteristics; 

• An inventory of suitable and available land for residential development; 

• An analysis of the governmental and non-governmental constraints on the improvement, maintenance and development of housing;

• An analysis of special housing needs; • An analysis of opportunities for energy conservation; and

• An analysis of publicly assisted housing development that may convert to non-assisted housing developments.

The following major issue areas are addressed by the goals and policies of this Element: 

• Provide a broad range of housing types to meet the needs of existing and future residents; 

• Identify and promote adequate sites for future residential development; 

• Increase opportunities for homeownership; 

• Ensure that existing housing is maintained and preserved; and 

• Promote equal housing opportunity for all. 

The purpose of these requirements is to develop an understanding of the existing and projected housing needs within the community and to set forth policies, programs, and schedules that promote preservation, improvement, and development of diverse types and costs of housing throughout Crescent City. 

REVIEW AND COMMENT PERIOD: Comments on the draft Housing Element must be received in writing by December 16th, 2022 to the following: 

City of Crescent City 377 J Street Crescent City, California 95531

Comments will also be accepted by email to Please include “CC HOUSING ELEMENT PUBLIC COMMENT” in the email subject line. 

CITY COUNCIL PUBLIC HEARING: The draft Housing Element update will be heard at the December 5th, 2022 City Council meeting. This meeting will be open for public comment. The meeting will be held at the Flynn Center Board Chambers located at 981 H Street Crescent City, CA 95531. 

PLANNING COMMISSION PUBLIC HEARING: The draft Housing Element update will be heard at the December 8th, 2022 Planning Commission meeting. This meeting will be open for public comment. The meeting will be held virtually. Join on Zoom and use meeting ID number: 872 8398 7640. The meeting can also be accessed through the City’s website:

FURTHER INFORMATION: For questions or comments concerning the above project, please contact, Bob Brown, Consulting Planning Director, at (707) 822-5785. 

Date: November 7th, 2022 Published: November 14th, 2022

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