The Public Works/ Community Development Departments Mission is to support and enhance the quality of life for residents but delivering responsive and efficient services to our community and maintaining reliable and cost-effective public works facilities and systems in a manner that emphasizes customer satisfaction, public service and good stewardship of natural, fiscal, and staff resources. To accomplish this, the department provides a wide range of basic community services condensed into of six divisions. Administration/Engineering, Parks and Facilities, Corporation Yard/Equipment Operations, Street Maintenance, Water Enterprise and Wastewater Enterprise. Basic services include Capital Improvement project design and management, mapping, park and City-owned facility maintenance, street maintenance and repair, traffic safety, storm drains, sidewalks, water intake, treatment and distribution, and wastewater collection, treatment and discharge.
Amarante, Daniel - Utility Mechanic
Borges, Daniel - Electrical Mechanical Operations Tech II
Borges, Jason - Senior Mechanic
Byrne, Mark - Maintenance Worker
Eiler, Eric - Equipment Operator
Fagan, William - Maintenance Worker I
Fowles, Corrie - Public Works Office Secretary
Franklin, Wayne - Equipment Operator II
Fuoco, Corinne - Lab Technician
Henderson, Kurt - Engineering Technician
Huffman, Bill - Mechanic
Leighton, Andrew - Engineering Proj. Mgr.
Lovdahl, Dustin - Senior Building/Parks Maintenance Work
McAndrews, Adrienne - Temp Public Works Secretary
Olson, Jonathan - Director of Public Works
Rodriguez, Gil - Maintenance Worker
Smith, Kim - Senior Public Works Maint Worker/Safety Officer
Thill-Goodgame, Regina - Laboratory Director
Wylie, Jason - Public Works Maint. Mgr.
Ybarra, Richard - Maintenance Worker

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