Application Information

To apply for housing assistance, please complete and return the application linked below. Along with the application, a "Declaration of Section 214 Status" form will need to be completed for each member of the household, and a "Request for Criminal History" form will need to be completed for each adult member of the household. The application can be submitted by visiting the CCHA office or by mail. When you submit the application to us, verification of identity (government-issued ID) will be required for each adult member, and copies of birth certificates will be required for all members under 18. Copies of Social Security cards will be required for all household members, along with documentation of all household income. If you need assistance filling out the application, please contact us and we will make arrangements for CCHA staff to assist you.

Please be advised that there is a preference for Del Norte County applicants. Applicants living or working in Del Norte County will be selected ahead of applicants not qualifying for the preference, regardless of application submission date..

  1. Declaration of Section 214 Status
  2. Request for Criminal History Information
  3.  Application for housing assistance