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Housing Authority Program FAQ
Q: Is your waiting list open, and if so, how do I apply?

A: Yes, our waiting list is open. To apply, you can obtain the application HERE or by contacting the office at 707-464-9216 to request that an application be mailed to you. Applications can also be obtained by visiting the office. A document box containing applications is located adjacent to the front door of the lobby on the building exterior.

To have your name added to the waiting list, submit your completed application to the office along with copies of the following documentation: verification of all household income sources, government-issued ID for all adult members, birth certificates for all members under 18, and Social Security cards for all members. The completed application may be submitted via email, regular mail, or by visiting the office. An exterior drop slot is available during non-operating hours.

Q: How long is the waiting list?

A: For applicants residing in Del Norte County, the wait time averages between 6-12 months. For out of county applicants, the wait time is considerably longer. Local applicants are placed on the waiting list with a preference which puts them ahead of non-local applicants.

Q: When I join your program, how much will my rent payment be?

A: Generally speaking, your rent payment will be 30% of your monthly adjusted income, with the subsidy covering the remainder. There are several other components which factor into the formula, including household size and composition, utilities, and the contract rent amount.

Q: In what type of unit can my voucher be used?

A: Housing Choice Vouchers may be used in any non-subsidized rental home that meets an acceptable level of safety standards and rent reasonableness. Once you have selected a unit, you will need to submit a request for tenancy approval RFTA 2020.PDF  and we will schedule an inspection of the unit. Inspections can be conducted virtually or physically. For more information on the inspection criteria and process, please click here HQS_Self_Inspection_Checklist.pdf

Q: How long will I have to find a unit?

A: The voucher term is valid for 120 days from issue. Additional extensions may be requested through June 30, 2021, under a waiver implemented by the CCHA as a result of the pandemic.

Q: What happens to my rent if I have an income change?

A: All income and household composition changes must be reported to the CCHA in writing within 10 days. CCHA staff will adjust your rent payment relative to the changes reported.