Participant Resources

For information regarding CCHA's policies and procedures, please see our Administrative Plan.

CCHA Administrative Plan

If you need to report an income change, please do so within 10 days of the change and submit this paperwork along with documentation to substantiate the change.

Change of Household Income

To complete your recertification paperwork prior to your appointment:

Annual Recertification Packet

To remove a member from your assisted household, please complete and return this paperwork.

Family Member Move-Out Notification

If you are disabled, and you need a disability-related accommodation to your housing, please complete and return this paperwork.

Reasonable Accommodation Request

If you want to move from one unit to another, please complete and return this paperwork.

Notice to Vacate

If you want to exercise portability (transfer your housing assistance to another jurisdiction) please complete and return this paperwork.

Portability Request Form

If you feel that you have experienced housing-related discrimination, please complete this paperwork, and CCHA staff can assist you in forwarding the complaint to the Office of Fair Housing.

Housing Discrimination Complaint Paperwork

Income Limits Resources/FY23 Income Limits.pdf